Online communities have been changing for a number of years now.  The rise of Facebook, amongst other channels, has diminished the value that people see in specialised community sites – instead opting for a more scattergun approach.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But it has meant that sites like this one now have a lesser value to the community, and without a significant spend to bring it to the forefront of peoples minds it will stay there.  Honestly I no longer have the funds, inclination, or time to invest that heavily.

So the focus on the P8NT site and related social media accounts is going to change.  It is going to become more of a sandbox to try somethings out, a soapbox for people to post articles or opinion pieces – something that is less commercial, but more honest.

And hopefully a little more fun for me.

So come back and check things out if you want. I will be playing around, moving things and generally posting things paintball related that interest me.

Whatever. I’m still here.

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